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nice to knows

Some nice to knows… Here is some of our most frequently asked questions…

Do you shoot digital or film?

I started off shooting film with the Military some 10 years ago.  Through the years we made the interesting transition over to digital.. Over the past 12 months I’ve found myself going back to film.. So to answer the question…I shoot both…

Why do I shoot film?

I think any photographer that has been trained in film will still tell you that the depth, and tones, and colours are so incredibly vibrant.  Sure there are plenty of tools around to make digital photos look like they are taken with film, but it’s still not the same. Film is organic if gives you this rustic feel that simply can’t be replicated in digital format.

Do we get all of the photos?

Yeah you sure do.. There is No reason for me to hang on to your wedding photos.. You get everything that I shoot on the day… All HIGH RES.. No silly watermarks…

Do I have an assistant?

Sure I have people who help me out from time to time. By in large it’s just ME!!! But hey if you want to pay for someone to carry my bags for me I want stop you….

What kind of cameras do I use?

Well they are black, they are Canon, I use mostly prime lenses.. I also shoot with a Mamiya 645.. This camera is amazing…

How many images should we get?

Ok I get asked this all the time…Each wedding is completely different depending on how long I’m there..I have no set number of photos or frames… I shoot as I see it..

Do you charge for travel?

Yes if your wedding is outside of the Melbourne metro area, there is a travel fee. For interstate and international travel please send me a email.